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Build Sustainable Growth and Value with Strategic Digital Transformation

Enterprises across industries are expected to meet the ever-changing customer expectations and improve operational efficiencies to stay relevant. The Quantiphi advisory services team helps visionary and forward-thinking organizations hop onto the next wave of technology-led hyper-digitization.

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Why meet with Quantiphi at Next ‘24? 

New industry leaders are rapidly emerging powered by generative AI, but the path to success demands more than cutting-edge technology. You need a proven partner with a deep understanding of the interplay between business economics, ethical considerations, and the human elements of AI. Quantiphi is the Google Cloud partner that can help you envision, build, and scale enterprise-ready AI solutions.


Gen AI Ready Data 

Harness the power of your data with cloud-scale analytics and data modernization

Gen AI for Automation

Create autonomy and efficiencies across supply and value chains with Generative AI

Gen AI for Experiences

Transform customer experiences and contact centers with Generative AI

Gen AI for Productivity 

Radically improve knowledge worker and developer productivity with Generative AI

Sessions: Stories that inspire 

Apr 09
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Gen AI Enabled Learning Assistant - This session features a Q&A, discussing the Purdue Global Learning Assistant (PGLA). PGLA is a 24/7 AI-powered interface crafted to elevate classroom learning by providing real-time feedback and facilitating student access to Purdue Global services.

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Join us for an enlightening session unveiling the future of underwriting powered by Generative AI. Explore the transformative impact of technology on risk management, decision-making, and broker interactions in the insurance industry. Witness how Generative AI augments traditional underwriting with cutting-edge data analytics, pattern recognition, risk scoring, and personalized insights, revolutionizing underwriting practices. Discover how AI enables unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and agility, illuminating a path toward industry innovation. Experience the competitive edge that Generative AI brings and embrace its transformative power in underwriting.

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Join Google Cloud Head of Partner Engineering Clive D’souza & Quantiphi Co-Founder and President Asif Hasan for a fireside chat on taking Gen AI systems into production. Hear them unpack practical insights into priorities for deploying scaled enterprise-grade Gen AI solutions - from data, and talent expertise, all the way to change management for long-term success with business transformation.

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AI Lake Houses offer transformative data storage however they require governance controls. Learn how Quantiphi helped Definity (A leading Insurance compnay in Canada) create a secure Big Lake House by migrating from Hadoop to GCP. In this session, we will explore strategies, challenges, and best practices to ensure robust governance and maximize data asset potential

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Learn how DART can help organizations predict and manage safety concerns such as neurovirulence, neurotoxicity, and sterility in the workflow during the R&D, clinical trials, and production phases without Animal Experimentation

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Learn about Vector databases and how you can build Enterprise scale GenAI Enabled Apps. Walkthru via example of a gaming company who is leveraging vector databases to help support engineers respond to customer chat messages in real time leveraging database state and past communications

Apr 10
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Learn how Quantiphi enabled a leading musculoskeleton solutions company to achieve 80% reduction in time and efforts and 25% increase in efficiency by automating the process of identifying printed texts from a defined set of products like screws, caps and rods on a streaming video feed

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Understand how Quantiphi harnesses the power of AI to revolutionize drug safety monitoring and ensure better patient outcomes and learn how we created a framework to help a leading global animal health company to determine causality of adverse events

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Join this power-packed panel discussion with Cereval and Quantiphi to understand how technologies like AlphaFold and Molecular Dynamics (MD) Simulations enhance the drug discovery process, the challenges in implementing and maintaining the technology, and how to realize benefits and ROI from such investments. We will also cover what the future holds for drug discovery.

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Generative AI has captured the world's attention with its ability to generate human-like text, code, images, videos and other creative content. However, understanding how to harness and unlock the enterprise value remains a critical challenge. Join us in this session as we share how to leverage Generative AI for growth, profitability, and improved unit economics. We'll cover strategies for driving revenue growth, expanding market share, enhancing margins, and reducing costs, all while enhancing the future value of your business. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock untapped enterprise value with Generative AI. Register Now!

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Move past simple automation and unlock the true potential of generative AI to transform the core industry value chain processes like product development, supply chain optimization, and hyper-personalized marketing. Dive into real-world case studies, engage with live demos, and participate in dynamic discussions. Gain actionable insights and a strategic roadmap to leverage generative AI's disruptive potential for competitive advantage. Don't just automate, Redefine and transform your industry value chains with us.

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Gemini is ready to unleash the next wave of productivity for developers by leveraging the power of Generative AI. This session will delve into a walkthrough of Duet AI, series of demos showcasing the art of the possible with Gemini Code Assist as well as some insights from case studies on real world projects.
Revised: Explore the next frontier of developer productivity with Gemini Code Assist, our latest leap forward in making coding smarter, faster, and more intuitive with Generative AI. Experience firsthand how tedious coding tasks can vanish, making room for unparalleled innovation and creativity. Join us for live demos and real-world project insights, and see the transformative power of Gemini Code Assist in action.

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Learn how strategic advancements have led to remarkable improvements in member experience and operational effectiveness, setting a new benchmark for healthcare service delivery.
Abstract: In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare services, delivering an exceptional member experience stands at the forefront of priorities. Recognizing this imperative, a leading healthcare services organization embarked on a transformative journey to redefine its member interactions. Partnering with Quantiphi and leveraging the innovative capabilities of Google Cloud, they aimed to revolutionize their service delivery by enhancing the virtual agent experience and optimizing contact center operations.
Within just five months, we deployed a bilingual (English & Spanish) virtual agent across voice, chat, and SMS channels using Dialogflow CX on the Genesys Contact Center Platform. This innovative solution not only improved service delivery but also achieved significant milestones:
- Surpassed a 40% containment rate, marking over a 15% increase and reducing reliance on live agents. - Enhanced member authentication by 7.5% with advanced features like Speaker ID and SMS verification. - Lowered live agent handover rates, optimizing agent time for complex issues. - Opened avenues for future expansions into multilingual support and new service capabilities.

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In the showcase session titled ""AiUP Revolutionizing Underwriting with GenAI,"" participants will be immersed in the dynamic capabilities of AI Led Intelligent Underwriting Platform (AiUP), an innovative platform revolutionizing the end-to-end underwriting process through Generative AI. This presentation will delve into AiUP's seamless integration of intelligent document processing and data enrichment functionalities from Dociphi, the unparalleled flexibility of the codeless platform Unqork, and the robust infrastructure backing of the Google Cloud.
Attendees will witness firsthand how AiUP streamlines submission intake, enriches submission data, builds profound insights, and accelerates the underwriting process, all propelled by the transformative power of Generative AI. By engaging in this session, participants will unlock the potential of AiUP to elevate their underwriting practices, paving the way for heightened operational efficiency, precision, and productivity within their organizations.

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Understand how Quantiphi achived NL to SQL Code Generation
Walkthrough of SQL code generation to bridge gaps between user and learning various syntax for structured data querying
Walkthrough of Google offering with a quick demo

Apr 11
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Understand how Quantiphi can enable Generative AI adoption within an organization - starting from PoCs and scaling the solution to production level. Learn how we assist customers in their journey of productionalising Generative AI solutions through our success story with a UK-based online trading provider.

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Explore how conversational AI is enhancing user experiences in every industry by augmenting decision making and providing personalized recommendations. Hear how Bud Financial and Scotts Miracle-Gro produced chatbots to better serve the needs of and engage with their clients and customers.


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Swing by the Public Sector Focus Area at booth #PS1 during Google Cloud Next, where Quantiphi's dedicated experts will be waiting to spark insightful conversations on the transformative power of GenAI in the public sector. Discover firsthand how our cutting-edge solutions are revolutionizing governmental organizations and educational institutions, unleashing a new era of productivity, efficiency, and strategic decision-making.  

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