Accelerating LIBOR Transition With Document AI

Quantiphi’s LIBOR transition solution, powered by cutting edge Document Understanding AI technology digitizes legacy documents in any format, categorizes their dependencies on LIBOR, and consolidates the action items on each contract.
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The discontinuation of LIBOR, dubbed as the world’s most important number, after December 2021, has sent financial institutions all over the world scrambling for ideas to rework an estimated $350 trillion worth of contracts.The LIBOR transition entails considerable conduct, reputational, and legal risk in each contract. Converting outstanding contracts necessitate extensive data processing, system updates, and documentation review. Contract conversion will require a complete understanding of the document types and contractual triggers, and the ability to link amendments and applicable clauses. Add the fact that there exist millions of legacy LIBOR documents dating back to the ‘80s, institutions must leverage the right technology to make the transition efficient and cost-effective.

On-demand Webinar

In this exclusive webinar with Quantiphi, you’ll learn about:
AI LIBOR Document Processing
  • An End-to-end solution that speeds up the transition from LIBOR — from document digitization to amendment extraction and approvals
  • Interactive UI with a customizable approval procedure
  • Digitizes scanned images of documents
  • Extracts key attributes for further downstream applications

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Topics Covered 
  • Discontinuation of the world’s most important number - LIBOR
  • The underlying challenge to the transition
  • Expediting the transition through - Document AI
  • Experience Assistive AI for LIBOR transition
  • Kickstart your AI transformation journey with Quantiphi