As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across the globe, organizations across industries are reeling from the influx of requests for information and support service. Quantiphi’s Rapid Response Virtual Agent Program powered by Google Cloud Contact Center AI can help you quickly build and deploy RRVA to respond to customers' covid-19 questions over chat and voice.


Quantiphi and Google Cloud: Solving What Matters Together

Over the past few weeks, Quantiphi has joined Google Cloud in its mission to help organizations around the globe reduce risk to their workforce, while ensuring continuity of quality customer service amid the Covid-19 pandemic. As a Google Cloud Contact Center AI launch partner, Quantiphi along with Google Cloud is helping organizations quickly build and deploy a customized Contact Center AI Rapid Response Virtual Agent to effectively respond to the large influx of customer queries surrounding Covid-19 over chat and voice.

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As Google Cloud Machine Learning Partner of the year for 2017 & 2018 and Google Cloud Social Impact Partner of the year for 2019, Quantiphi is committed to applying AI for social good by leveraging its expertise in Data, AI and machine learning.

Leveraging Google Cloud Contact Center AI and Quantiphi’s CCAI expertise, businesses can scale their capacity to handle sudden surges in call volume by deflecting simple calls to these virtual agents, resulting in zero queue wait time, cost effectiveness, and 24x7 support. The live agents are then able to focus on higher complexity calls; improving the customer experience and operational efficiency while providing immediate relief to call centers.

Join us for an on-demand tech talk to know how Rapid Response Virtual Agent Program (RRVA Program) powered by Google Cloud Contact Center AI can effectively handle the high volume of customer queries.

Make a difference with Google Cloud and Quantiphi

A quick demo of both the web based and telephone based virtual agents. 

Key features of the solution:

  • Build once, deploy anywhere 
  • Ability to understand 
  • Ability to talk in human like voice 
  • Ability to Interact
  • Powerful Natural Language Understanding
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Ability to update the virtual agent responses real time

We are proud to be joining Google Cloud in this initiative and strongly believe that Rapid Response Virtual Agent Program assistance will have a lasting, positive impact for organizations across industries. 

Healthcare & life sciences Public sector                               Travel                                 Financial services & insurance Retail                                    
How long does the COVID virus stay on a surface? How long does the COVID virus stay on a surface? When will schools go back? Can I cancel at the last minute for free? Are you waiving any fees right now?
I think I might have COVID-19 Can I go out during shelter-in-place? Have your refund policies changed? Can I defer loan payments because of COVID-19? Do you have hand sanitiser in stock?
Should I see a doctor? How do I apply for Medicaid? Can I still book domestic travel? Are branches still open? Are you hiring?
Should I wear a face mask? How do I apply for unemployment? Will I be required to quarantine after my flight? I will miss my credit card payment. Are you offering relief? Do you have contact-free delivery?
Healthcare & life sciences Public sector                               Travel                                 Financial services & insurance Retail                                    
Has my appointment been cancelled or changed? What is the status of my unemployment application? I want to cancel my specific flight. I want to increase my specific credit card limit. How much toilet paper do you have in stock in a store near me?
Will my insurance cover my treatment? What time is my appointment with child protective services? I want to change my reservation. Is COVID-19 testing covered under my specific policy? Where is my order?

Hear from our Clients

Governor J. B. Pritzker, State of Illinois

Bill Mackenzie, Upper Grand DSB

03  Mackenzie"During the COVID-19 crisis our school district engaged Quantiphi to develop an automated assistant to respond to requests from parents for technical support. With over 35,000 students isolated at home we needed a solution to manage the volume of requests. The team at Quantiphi quickly gathered the information to understand the scope of work. Daily stand-up meetings allowed us to quickly identify opportunities and solutions. Quantiphi staff were highly organized and solution-focused. Within a few weeks we now have a production ready virtual assistant responding to hundreds of questions every day. Working with Quantiphi was a great experience"  Bill Mackenzie, Upper Grand DSB.

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