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Transform Customer Experience at Scale with Quantiphi’s
ES to CX Migration Tool

Dialogflow CX provides a new way of designing agents, representing a shift from linear or static conversation approaches to one that is agent-oriented. It also enables the creation of advanced virtual agents powered by the brand new set of capabilities that CX offers. It is then no surprise that many organizations are looking to migrate their existing Dialogflow ES agents to Dialogflow CX.

Migrations from ES to CX, however, are complicated and often require designing virtual agents from scratch. Quantiphi’s ES to CX Migration tool simplifies the process, allowing for a faster, seamless migration from Dialogflow ES to CX in just a few clicks - saving time and development effort, effectively helping organizations meet their customer experience goals faster.




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Senior Client Solutions Partner, Quantiphi

Amit Kumar


Technical Solutions Consultant, Contact Center AI, Google