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Transform Underwriting with the Power of Generative AI

Discover how to transform your underwriting processes with a fully-automated and integrated AI-led Intelligent Underwriting Platform (AiUP) combining the power of Dociphi, Quantiphi’s Gen AI enabled document processing offering, Unqork’s codeless development platform and Google Cloud’s services and infrastructure.

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AIUP Webinar




Farooq Sheikh

Global Head of Insurance, Unqork


Arunima Gautam

GTM and Products Leader, FSI, Quantiphi


Nigel Walsh

Managing Director, Insurance, Google Cloud


Vikas Sachdeva

Vikas Sachdeva

Global Head of Advisory Services / Portfolio Executive, Quantiphi

Facing a $85+ billion loss in underwriting efficiency from disparate legacy systems and manual processes, insurers are looking for transformational solutions from codeless to Generaive AI to power their businesses. To transform the complex underwriting process, Quantiphi has joined hands with Google Cloud and Unqork to launch AI-led Intelligent Underwriting Platform, one of the Google Cloud’s Industry Value Network (IVN) solutions.

Join this tech talk to gain insights on, how AiUP is combining the power of Dociphi, Quantiphi’s Generative AI-enabled document processing offering, Unqork’s codeless platform and Google Cloud’s services and infrastructure to offer a fully integrated, accelerated and seamless underwriting experience for insurers.

Why Attend?

If you're an insurance carrier or broker who is to navigate the evolving landscape of generative AI in risk assessment and underwriting, this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. 

You will: 

  • Gain insights from industry leaders at Google, Quantiphi and Unqork, explore cutting-edge technologies and forge a path for the future of intelligent underwriting!
  • Gain insights on how AiUP can help you digitize the submission intake process with frictionless integration, seamless UI and faster time-to-market.
  • Improve customer, agent, and underwriter experience through modern UI and self-service capabilities.

  • Gain exclusive knowledge about the groundbreaking AI-led Intelligent Underwriting Platform (AiUP) straight from the industry's thought leaders. It’s a chance to witness a pivotal shift in underwriting, keeping you ahead of the game, before it becomes the industry standard.
  • Improve Quote-to-Bind Ratio with a unified workspace helping underwriters boost accuracy and quote turnaround time.
  • Learn how you can increase underwriter capacity.

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