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Discovery AI - Enabling customers to find what they are looking for with Google-quality results

Curate a Consistent, Customized, and Unique Shopping Experience

Discovery Solutions for Retail (also referred to as Product Discovery) by Google Cloud taps into its core cloud and machine learning capabilities to significantly enhance the shopping experience of an individual buyer on your digital properties. 

Designed to reduce friction while shopping, Discovery AI provides highly relevant and personalized product recommendations and search results across all digital channels, increasing cart value and conversion rates. 


Discovery AI Platform

Fuel your e-commerce properties with Quantiphi's Discovery AI platform powered by Google Cloud's Product Discovery. 
Quantiphi's Discovery AI platform comes with additional features to enhance search and recommendations on your digital properties.

Transform your Search and Recommendation Capabilities in four simple steps


number-circle-one-thin Audit and Onboard

Audit the available customer data and implement best practices to improve the data collection at the source.


number-circle-two-thin Transform 

Data readiness validation for product catalog and web events. Quantiphi's Predefined Data Transformation Framework helps in easier data mapping thus fueling accelerated timelines.


number-circle-three-thinLeverage Quantiphi's Discovery Platform

Business users can build personalized machine learning models on their own.


number-circle-four-thin Visualize and Activate

Empower Business users with simplified visualizations and activate hyper-personalization on the web, mobile apps, or other digital channels.


Curate extraordinary customer experiences through intelligent personalization


Leverage fully managed state-of-the-art Machine Learning models


Increase click-through


Increase customer engagement on search results and product pages


Reduce customer acquisition cost (CAC), and increase wallet-share


Decrease search abandonment on your e-commerce site/app



Our Success Stories

Personalized Recommendations for a large Canadian technology company
  • Hyper-personalized recommendations

  • Increase in revenue generated per user

  • Problem: The client found it challenging to provide a personalized shopping experience to their customers due to their existing data stack. They wanted to upgrade to a system that was capable of personalization at the product level.
  • Solution: Quantiphi’s recommendation system used the search and purchase data of users to deploy three identified use cases - recommended for you, others you may like and frequently bought together.
Hyper-personalization for an Indian Conglomerate on their Super APP
  • Improved CTR for search results

  • Enhanced user experience

  • Increase search result relevance

  • Problem: The client, an Indian retailing giant, wanted to develop a super app as a one-stop solution for all its product and services. The primary challenge was to develop a robust search solution that could sort through their wide range of products.
  • Solution: Quantiphi leveraged Google’s Retail API to power the super app with robust searchability and implemented several other custom features and capabilities.