Reimagining Contact Center Operations with Conversational AI
AWS Contact Center Intelligence Launch Partners

Add Artificial Intelligence to your Contact Centers to drive better customer engagement

Join Quantiphi & AWS in this virtual session to learn how to:

  • Create personalised experiences for your customers
    and enhance brand recognition
  • Improve the health of your contact center and reduce manual overload
  • Modernize your contact centers with cutting edge AI solutions

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Why AI in the Contact Center?

Contact center Intelligence solutions help to deliver fast and intuitive self-service to customers, and provide agents the context and insights to deliver timely, accurate responses. In addition, it can effectively handle the high volume of customer queries, while allowing human agents to focus on higher complexity calls.

How do I assess the health of my Contact Center?

With data-driven insights! Our Contact Center Intelligence offering helps you analyze historical data and deliver actionable insights to help improve the overall performance of contact centers.


Transform Your Customer Service with Conversational AI

Having delivered 60+ Conversational AI solutions, and being one of the exclusive AWS CCI launch partners, explore Quantiphi’s expertise in building, deploying, and managing Conversational AI solutions powered by AWS AI Services such as Amazon Connect, Amazon Lex, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Polly, Amazon Transcribe

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