Quantiphi named a Leader

in the Forrester New Wave™: Computer Vision

Q4 2020

The Forrester New Wave™ enables customers to identify a vendor best suited to meet their requirements in Computer Vision (CV). Forrester has evaluated 13 of the top technology
vendors in CV and ranked their current offering and strategy.

Forrester Report


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  • The ten criteria defining the CV market
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  • Highlights of Quantiphi being selected as a leader


Quantiphi received the highest scores possible in:

Quantiphi’s acquisition, annotation and processing of data to create training data for CV models and data quality is what places it ahead in the industry.

Model DevelopmentModel Development
Quantiphi leads the industry with its wide range of high-quality deep learning CV models that meet the challenges and demands of the customers.

noun_solution_2574600Solution and Accelerators 
Quantiphi offers the best models that detect objects, highlight brand impressions, read text and caption images with higher accuracy.

Quantiphi follows a customer-first strategy and its vision aligns with the present and future customer needs.

noun_market_2421964Market Approach 
With its thorough and industry-leading go-to market strategy, Quantiphi helps customers understand its suite of offerings and solutions easily and accelerate decision-making.