The future of the insurance industry is here. Are you ready?

The insurance industry is up against new competitors and higher customer expectations. Advanced technologies are revolutionizing every industry, and the insurance sector is primed to be one of the most radically changed. As customer expectations and market dynamics evolve, digital agility is critical for insurers to predict and respond quickly to shifting attitudes, market opportunities, and risks across the value chain.
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are creating new opportunities for insurers to glean deeper customer insights, improve risk-modeling, and revamp their claims cycles. These new technologies put the customer at the center, enabling an enhanced experience throughout the insurance value chain.
The insurance sector must adapt to this new reality. Companies pioneering intelligent, AI-driven solutions today will be better prepared for the rapidly evolving future.
Are you ready to take the first step on your AI-led transformation journey?

 For Your Entire Insurance Value Chain

We understand each company has unique goals, maturity levels, customer journeys, and product offerings. This is why we specialize in guiding you toward the right solutions to fit your needs. Our team utilizes combines groundbreaking machine-learning research with disciplined cloud and data-engineering practices to create custom solutions to overcome your business challenges.

Our portfolio includes several differentiated solutions across the broader insurance value chain.

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The Technologies We Use

Deep Learning

computer vision

Computer Vision

Our models can detect objects of interest, estimate the impact of damage in auto claims and so much more at world class accuracy levels.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Our Natural Language models help to document understanding, auto-response systems and other powerful natural language understanding systems to speed up your processes.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

Our domain-specific speech recognition models perform at near human levels in speech emotion detection and other specialized voice recognition tasks.

Conversational Service

Conversational Service

Our conversational AI platform offers solutions that empower applications, including chatbot and voicebot to offer superior customer experience through natural human-like conversations

Statistical Machine Learning

1. Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Our predictive models are capable of identifying high-risk customer groups and detecting fraudulent claims at unprecedented accuracy levels.

Recommendation Engine

Recommendation Engine

Our domain-specific recommendation engine provides hyper-personalized recommendations, including cross-sell/up-sell opportunities and next best decisions for stakeholders

Time Series Forecasting


Our forecasting models encompass multiple factors to provide accurate estimates of a wide range of metrics, including policy sales and agent bonus to help you make an informed business decision.

Data Solutions


Big Data

Our big data capabilities include intelligent data lakes and hubs, cloud migration and data integration. These options enable you to build the modern data platform required to leverage and unlock the full potential of your data assets.

Platform Engineering

Platform Engineering

We have the required experience, skills and toolsets to configure the right cloud platform, customized for your top big data use cases. Our capabilities include security & access management, containerization & deployment and infrastructure

noun_Business Intelligence_1796811

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence capabilities include data consolidation & management, enterprise reporting & data visualization. This helps address the data needs and facilitate data-driven decision making across the organization.


Insurance 2.0 Reinventing the Traditional Insurer

Three changes are forcing traditional insurers to adapt:
  • Evolving buyer behaviors
  • An explosion of data and devices
  • The rise of the InsureTechs.

Being future-ready means introducing cloud and mobile services in new ways, embracing new data sources and leveraging advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Learn how Quantiphi has been helping the traditional insurer reinvent themselves to deliver Insurance 2.0.

Insurance 2.0 - Reimagining Claims

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Today’s customers expect a consistent experience. Whether shopping online or handling claims, your customers want it done seamlessly and without hassle. 
They expect:

  • Degree of ease
  • Quality of interaction
  • Loyalty

When it comes to a customer filing a claim, that’s your company’s time to shine. By reimagining the lifecycle of the claim with AI, you will:

  • Create an intelligent, customer-centric journey
  • Drive revenue for your company
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Earn repeat business

In this guide on Reimagining Claims , we will help you meet the needs of your customers in an innovative and exciting way!Get the eGuide now



Insurance 2.0 - Low Touch Underwriting

Quantiphi Insurance 2.0 Transforming Underwriting - Low Touch Underwriting Video

The underwriting industry is changing. To stay relevant, insurers need to be aware of new threats to their business model:

  • Heightened customer expectations
  • The emergence of new & dynamic risk factors
  • Technological disruption through the rise of data, devices & insuretechs

To help you address these key challenges of underwriting, we’ve developed a guide for insurers like you to embrace advanced technology to create a more flexible and efficient delivery platform for underwriters, that can work across the value chain.


Get the eGuide now


Insurance 2.0 - Data Transformation

Data Strategy For Insurers


All insurance companies strive to be as data-driven as possible, but few can operationalize their data within the scope of their current business model and expertise. The challenges constantly faced include:

  • Lack of data governance structures and policies
  • Lack of an intelligent and centralized platform
  • Data stored both in the cloud and on-prem
  • Complex data structures

To address these challenges, we designed a guide that explains how AI and Data can help you achieve quantifiable business impact. It illustrates the significance of a modern data platform in securing data, consolidating disparate data locations, enabling self-service analytics, and driving data value for next-gen AI needs. 

Get the eGuide now


How We Deliver

We ensure a fine-tuned journey based on your customer segmentation. We align it with an AI-based solution that will help achieve your overall business goals. From there, we work with you to implement and scale these assets across your organization. Our highly collaborative engagement journey means you benefit from faster adoption and accelerated speed to market. 

Our proven AI journey involves these four key stages:


Stage 1: Hack It

The ideation phase. Here, we help you select a solution with high feasibility and impact potential and develop a prototype.


Stage 2: Prove It

The proof-of-concept phase. In this phase, we fully define the problem and set targets to prove it can be solved with AI.


Stage 3: Nail It

The product-development phase. Here we ensure upstream and downstream processes are functioning and that you’re seeing ROI.


Stage 4: Scale It

Once we validate the AI solution in a sub-segment of your business, we help you expand the scope to encompass the full spectrum of opportunities across the enterprise.

Case Studies

Our solutions integrate seamlessly through our partnerships with the world’s leading cloud services, such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, NVIDIA, and TensorFlow. We’ll work with you to build custom AI and machine learning applications that optimize critical parts of your business, creating smarter products, delivering frictionless customer experiences, automating key processes, and enabling safer business environments.



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Our solutions integrate seamlessly through our partnerships with the world’s leading cloud services, such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, NVIDIA, and TensorFlow. We’ll work with you to build custom AI and machine learning applications that optimize critical parts of your business, creating smarter products, delivering frictionless customer experiences, automating key processes, and enabling safer business environments.

Our unique approach combines deep industry experience, disciplined cloud and data-engineering practices, and cutting-edge machine-learning research to achieve quantifiable business impact.

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