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Eliminating Hidden Content Ownership Costs through Video Deduplication

As Global Media & Entertainment enterprises achieve scale, they also incur significant expenses on storing and migrating content between cloud and on-premise servers.

However, it’s a lesser known fact that duplicate content is often responsible for 25-30% of the cost.

What are the reasons for such large volumes of duplicate content?

How does addressing content duplicacy with AI save organizations thousands of dollars annually?

Join experts from Quantiphi and NVIDIA in this workshop where we explore the answers to the above questions and showcase how a Content Deduplication Solution powered by NVIDIA GPUs solves this effectively.

  • Calendar@2x-1December 16, 2021
  • noun_Time_3836146-1 4:30 PM EST
  • noun_duration_1729065-1 45 minutes



patrick murphy


Global Business Development Telecom, Media & Entertainment & Gaming

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Michael Kalpan


Director - Media & Entertainment




Sales Engineering Lead - Media & Entertainment

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Duplicate Content can hurt a Media Company without them realizing it.

Media organizations inadvertently create multiple variants of the same content during the editing and post-production process for distribution. Often overlooked, these variants get accumulated in petabytes of content which then get migrated to the cloud.

In most of the cases, around 25-30% of this content is duplicated or almost similar.

Hidden and mostly overlooked, this content is responsible for high content storage costs.


We will cover:

  • Reasons for content duplicacy and its cost impact over content storage
  • What makes this an AI Challenge
  • Solution Demo: Video Deduplication powered by NVIDIA GPU
  • How to Implement Content Deduplication for your business