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Eliminating Hidden Content Ownership Costs through Video Deduplication

Year after year, Media & Entertainment enterprises incur significant data storage expenses on storing and migrating content between cloud and on-premise servers.

But, significantly few realize that duplicate content is often responsible for 25-30% of the cost.

Join experts from Quantiphi & NVIDIA to explore this challenge in great detail and learn how Video Deduplication Solution with NVIDIA's GPUs solves this for Media & Entertainment.


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patrick murphy

Patrick Murphy

Vice President - Media & Entertainment, Quantiphi

Michael Kalpan

Michael Kaplan

Director - Media & Entertainment, Nvidia


Khanoosh Venghat

Sales Engineering Lead - TMEG

Why is Content Deduplication Necessary?

Media & Entertainment enterprises create large volumes of content and migrate the same to the cloud. As content takes its journey from the production phase to the editing boards, the content file undergoes multiple modifications due to numerous market needs and content compliance requirements. In mid to large organizations, such editorial operations could be around tens of thousands of edits per month.

These operations unwantedly create multiple variants of the same content spread across locations. Difficult to find, these duplicates eventually add to unknown expenses for on-premises data storage, maintenance, and cloud migration and retrieval costs.


We will cover:

  • Reasons for content duplicacy and its impact on cloud costs
  • Overcoming duplication challenge using Artificial Intelligence
  • Solution Demo: Video Deduplication powered by NVIDIA GPU
  • The Art of Start: Implementing Content Deduplication for your business

Who should attend:

  • Entertainment Broadcasters
  • News Broadcasters
  • Content Owners