Digital Animal Replacement Technology (DART): An Animal Testing Alternative

Commit to animal cruelty-free testing

With the FDA passing the Modernization Act 2.0 in December 2022 and the European Parliament adopting a resolution to phase out animal testing in September 2022, the need for the shift is more urgent than ever.

DART enables you to predict and manage safety concerns such as neurovirulence, neurotoxicity, and sterility in the workflow during the R&D, clinical trials, and production phases without involving animal experimentation.


Higher relevance to human physiology 


No animal experimentation or biopsies


Cost effective modern approach


 Enhanced prediction accuracy with ML models

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Seamless integration into the company’s existing Quality Check workflow


Reduction in testing time drastically

Get Human Relevant Drug Testing Results

Get Human-Relevant Drug Testing Results

DART uses advanced technologies that apply deep-learning neural network algorithms to generate highly accurate human-relevant scientific data. 

Change the traditional way of safety and efficacy assessments

An in-vitro platform-1

An in-vitro platform that uses a human micro physiological system created from an ethically sourced biobank.

digital workstation solution-1

A digital workstation solution to predict safety concerns by comparing with benchmark patterns derived through segmentation model training to provide accurate predictions.

Accelerate Drug Discovery with Dart

Batch Testing

number-circle-one-thinBatch Testing

Prediction of neurovirulence and sterility in the vaccine production workflow

Drug Discovery

Drug Discovery 

Prediction of neurovirulence in viral vaccine development process

Antivenom Efficacy

number-circle-three-thinAntivenom Efficacy

Prediction of antivenom potency and effectiveness



Prediction of CAR-T cell therapy-induced neurotoxicity