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Artificial Intelligence for customer service teams is more than just an AI chatbot. Led by one of our Qonversational AI experts, each of our demos is customized to your unique business challenges and goals. Experience the power of AI and how it is disrupting the conversation engine domain. 

Quantiphi and Google Cloud have studied the conversation engine domain closely and have identified the challenges faced by various organizations. Our demo covers solutions to these challenges.

Benefits of Contact Center AI:
  • Improved operational efficiency and cost reduction
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Faster response time
  • Contextual routing
  • No restriction on contact hours
  • Workforce planning and management
  • Multilingual query resolution
  • Increased consistency in responses
  • AI chatbot
  • AI agent assist
Quantiphi’s Qonversational AI Solution

Quantiphi’s Conversation Engine sets itself apart from existing IVR technology through its ability to train itself based on the business it is supporting, and the capacity to generate natural language derived answers on its own, apart from providing customers with a human-like interaction without manual intervention. This industry-specific solution helps improve customer experience and reduce operational costs. Begin your organization's adoption of AI and request a demo today.

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