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Automating Vehicle Damage Estimation with Computer Vision

Tune into this interactive webinar to hear experts from NVIDIA and its Elite Service Delivery Partner, Quantiphi discuss how NVIDIA's AI Platform can be leveraged to develop a Vehicle Damage Estimation solution that will offer fast and accurate claims servicing; enhancing customer experience all while reducing operating expenses.

Key Takeaways from the Webinar:

  • Learn how Quantiphi’s Image Noise Detection model and Vehicle Damage Estimation solution can help you reduce operational expenses in the long term
  • Understand how NVIDIA's AI Platform can help accelerate compute-intensive AI/ML workloads and boost data science productivity with NVIDIA 
  • Learn how to kickstart your AI/ML journey with Quantiphi and NVIDIA


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Meet the Speakers

Prabhu R


Customer/Partner Developer Relationship Manager, NVIDIA

siddharth kotwal


NVIDIA Practice Lead, Quantiphi



Senior Engagement Manager, Quantiphi